Company profile

  Hunan Tea Company Limited of China is a state-level leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization focusing on tea making and all-round tea business, with cultivation, production, processing, marketing, research and tea culture promotion integrated, listed in Top100 enterprises for China's agricultural industrialization, Top10 Landmark Enterprises for agricultural industrialization in Hunan province, Top100 Enterprises in Hunan province and hightech enterprises of Hunan province, and ranked second in the tea industry according to its scale and comprehensive strength in China.

  The Company consists of 10 operating departments, 71 primary and refinery processing plants, 32 holding (sharing) sharing enterprises, has 83 highquality tea bases constructed with the total area of34,700 hectares, and boasts such three ministerial and provincial research centers as State Tea Processing Research and Development Center (Hunan Branch), Hunan Tea Cultivation and Processing Technology Research and Development Center and Provincially Certified Enterprise Technology Center.

 The Company is majoring in tea industry, mainly promoting such four famous tea brands as “Junshan”, “Xiangyi”, “Baishaxi” and “Zhenxi”, and focusing on production and sales of all kinds of black tea, green tea, dark tea, oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea, jasmine tea, special tea, and other bulk tea series, as well as a variety of packaged tea, bagged tea, tea drinks, tea extracts and other tea products.

 The Company has made striking progress in tea sales, in addition to domestic sales, a considerable part of the tea products are exported to the United States, Canada, EU, Japan, Russia and other markets, and moreover has won five provincial and national champions, namely: its annual sales have reached 40,000 tons in total, accounting for 70% of the total provincial tea production, and ranking first in China; its tea export ranks first in Hunan province; its tea export to the EU market ranks first in China; its export of organic tea ranks first in China; its tea sold to the remote areas accounts for 50% of the domestic total, ranked first. Furthermore, it ranks second in China tea industry according to its business scale and comprehensive strength.

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