Currently, our company has 83 bases in and out of Hunan province, 28 organic tea bases of which have passed such international certification for organic tea as Ceres “EU EC834/07 Standard”, “U.S. NOP Standard” and “Japanese JAS Standard”, with the total area of more than1940.28 hectares; our company has about 34,700 hectares of tea plantation in total, is vigorously promoting development of three-dimensional ecological tea plantations and cultivation of clonal tea trees, has popularized the ecological and organic farming concept among tea farmers, and has improve the proportion of improved tea plantations, with the rate up to 40%.

Our company has been firmly following the concept of “company’s efficiency, farmers’ income and cooperative win-win results” and treating the tea farmers in Hunan province as our parents. Moreover, a stable interested community has been established jointly with the tea farmers, and we have been providing long-term help for such base farmers in funding, information and technology. Furthermore, we have promised to purchase farmers’ tea at the price no lower than the protected prices in the current market only if their tea has been produced according to our company’s standards, namely, “unified in five aspects” (unified fertilization, unified application of organic pesticide, unified picking standard, unified standard for processing, as well as unified storage and preservation) to ensure the tea quality.

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